My name is Phillip Tallio, I am 54 years old. I am pictured with Jim of JJ TRANSPORT. I am seeking financial assistance to try to get my life back on track.  I spent almost 37 years in prison for a crime that I did not commit!

I am in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of, not just everyday essentials, but to cover the cost of medications that I need for PTSD, sciatica, and arthritis in my spine.  I also need money to cover my contact lens prescription, as well as the eye care products that go with them.  These are not covered by my care card, and being on social assistance doesn’t come close to what I need.

I am appealing to the good nature of those kind people that I know are out there, and I want you to know, that this money will be used accordingly and will be most greatly appreciated…I thank you all and pray that the Creator will watch over and protect you and your families throughout each and every day.

Your kindness and generosity would make a huge difference in my life right now, and I will be forever grateful for any help that I may receive.

Respectfully,  Phillip Tallio


Since the inception of JJ TRANSPORT.CA over 10 years ago, we’ve always been about caring for 3 things that are so close to our hearts!


Community Service and Social Justice have always been something that’s been near and dear to our hearts at JJ Transport. Not long ago, we heard about the plight of, our now dear friend, Phillip James Tallio. It is a name you likely have not heard of… Phillip hails from the small town of Bella Coola, B.C. (population 148).

Phillip had been suffering in virtual silence at the Mountain Institution Prison in Agassiz for a crime he was wrongly convicted of over 36 years ago. Imagine that…spending over 13,000 days behind bars…away from friends, away from family, away from the real world – all for a crime you did not and could not commit! What were you doing in 1983…if you were even born!

As we mentioned, Social Justice has a special place in the company philosophy of JJ Transport. We realize that taking up this cause in a public way could be risky to our business and be controversial. But we are willing to take up the challenge, we are ready to speak up for the vulnerable. We love the underdog! We are going to continue to fight for the rights of the falsely accused.

We have sat across from Phillip. We have heard his heartbreak. We have seen his pain. We have heard the frustration in his voice. We have seen the innocence in his eyes. We are ready for this fight for justice. So, Phillip, we salute you, we will not give up on you and your innocence. We look forward to the day you are not only free but exonerated!

It’s our goal to raise awareness and work for his release. Phillip deserves to be free from the ‘chains’ that have bound him for over three decades. It’s his right to walk on the beach with his aging mother, to hold the hands of loved ones, to enjoy the embrace of his grandchildren. We are fighting for #JusticeForPhillipTallio

Thanks for your interest…stay tuned for more!
Please use this hashtag for Phillip on your social media as you help us spread awareness…


Everyone asks us why we do what we do for Phillip, well it is because no one else has!

His story started circulating in the press about 4 years ago, so we reached out to his lawyer to find out if he needed anything.
In the article, it stated that he had a TV but had broken a few years previous. So when I was talking to his lawyer, I asked if there was anything else he needed and I mentioned that in the article we had read it had stated that his TV had broken a few years ago and didn’t have any funds to pay for it.  We had thought that by now other people would have reached out to him and taken care of that for him. To our astonishment nobody had!

After hearing that we took the initiative on our own, to help Phillip in any way we could…
Since meeting him 3 years ago we would go to the institution every month or so visit and take a hot lunch to him and visit for a few hours.

Now that he is out on bail and living in the lower mainland we pick him up on the weekend and take him golfing.  Also, during the week one of our fellow workers lives in his area and had offered to pick him up and bring him into Surrey.  Phillip hangs out in the office for the day and we go golfing after work…lots of fun!

I know in 1983 I was in grade 10. I am 2 years younger than Phillip and to think he has been under the gov’t thumb since then, on a crime that he got 10 years for and is still incarcerated all because he is aboriginal and refused to admit guilt.

We had to help Phillip…we hope you will as well!