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Trevor started his career with Dominion Bridge working in the yard, loading and unloading trucks, fitter welding, preparation of steel, painting and anything else that was needed to be done when he was 18 years old. While working full time, Trevor also went to University of Regina and studied Computer Science. At 21, Trevor joined management and over the years worked his way up to project management. Dominion Bridge closed and after 18 years in the steel industry Trevor had opportunities to pursue in Transportation Logistics.

Trevor started in dispatch with Schneider’s trucking and within 1 year became 1 of 4 owners. During that that time, Schneider’s had grown immensely and purchased 2 companies in Toronto as well as Regina. Trevor helped in the growth of becoming a 180 fleet trucking company. Once being a part of the growth Trevor than had more opportunities to further his Transportation knowledge by opening up 2 more divisions for companies. Trevor was intrigued by an opportunity that was given to him by JJ Transport to come out West and within the JJ environment. Trevor has always been a knowledge seeker and welcomed the opportunity to work in Vancouver and learn ocean and container transportation. Trevor has enjoyed his time with JJ Transport and looks forward to continued success.